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The value of the psychic industry in the United States has risen by over 50% since 2005, with data showing that there are over 90,000 practicing psychics in the country today, the industry is predicted to go from strength to strength in the future.

California currently holds around 12% of the psychic business population in the United States. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be difficult to locate psychics in San Francisco – and this guide will further help you with that.

By comparison, there are more psychics based in Florida with around 14% of the entire industry basing their business there, New York holds just 7% of the psychic population.

If you’re looking for psychics there are a variety of options in San Francisco, CA. Astrologers, experts in tarot, and mediums are all there to support you, no matter your struggle, age, or place in life. Below, you will find the best psychics in San Francisco, CA.

Whether you’re looking for a life coach, a psychic medium, or a clairvoyant – our experts based in San Francisco CA have been practicing for upwards of 20 years in business, working with lots of people who are dealing with similar things to yourself.

Finding the Best Psychic in San Francisco, CA

Still not sure of the benefits? Well, read on and discover for yourself just how good consultations with psychics can be for you and your loved ones. It really is that thing which may just change your lives in a variety of ways.

Why visit a Psychic in San Francisco, CA?

Psychic readings can help give you more of the information and confidence required to move forward and see the possibilities that life can provide with the right perspective and thinking. Anyone can see a psychic and their world can be changed by the services and skills they have to offer.

Tarot card readers, a psychic medium, spirit guides, and astrologers all use the experience from their body of work to gain perspective, helping them to give clients more of the kind of development insights they need for the future.

How can I consult a Psychic in San Francisco CA?

There are numerous methods and channels you can use to get in contact with psychics in San Francisco, CA. There are two kinds of readings, it’s best to pick whichever suits your needs.

Face to face

The more common type of session for a psychic reading is a face-to-face appointment with your medium, astrologer, or tarot expert.

This is a popular way to practice psychic readings as seeing the reader and being in their presence can help to build trust and confidence. With this type of reading, you see more of a reader, their spirit, their personality, and all their energy.

Over the phone

However, clients are increasingly looking to phone readings and video chats with psychics as an alternative style of contact. These sessions offer a new level of convenience and ease for seekers of guidance and awareness.

No matter your location, search and you can get in contact with psychics who have the abilities and gifts to help make you a better person and more.


You can request a reading by calling their phone, emailing, beginning a live chat, or some psychics have an app where you can make bookings.

Give your name and other details as well as potentially setting up a profile with more information such as your birthday, then book your slot – simple as that your reading is booked.


Payment for readings will likely be taken in a $/hour case. A quote for the reading will evidence the length of your appointment and the money it will cost you.

In addition, most psychics offer alternative payment methods via credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, or American Express which is accepted via Paypal.

The Best Psychic Practitioners in San Francisco


What are the benefits of consultation in San Francisco CA?

Family problems

Readings from psychics, astrologists, and other types of professionals can treat issues that you or your family may have had for a long time. Others who are in your position, with all kinds of stories and choices to make have likely visited your practitioner with the same questions you have.


The gift some mediums and psychics hold allows them to assist you in communicating with spirits of friends and family who have passed on.

A photo can help psychics tune into messages from a person who has passed. These messages can act as tools for you and all other members of your family who may be struggling to advance on with life.


A near-death experience or other traumatic events can be awakening. Psychics can become a sort of counselor for their clients – helping them to find the answers to their story and to questions they may have about the future, love, health, and all other aspects of the world.

This helps in training them for self-growth by improving their thoughts, perception of life, and happiness.


For potential issues relating to the heart, psychics can help people to understand their feelings and better their relationships.

Love is blinding, and the magic ability of someone not in the relationship shining a light on and providing matter of fact advice can help to make tough decisions.

The accuracy of such advice is often second to none, an outsider’s visions are always useful.


Astrology and tarot card readings can lead you down a life journey of self-discovery. Everything has a meaning and understanding the forces of the universe as well as the movement of the stars is an important part of both astrology and tarot reading.

The predictions that come from these guides need to be understood before anything else, with each card or constellation having a message. Along with meditation, tarot cards and astrology can bring out a side to you that you did not realize you had, a patient, calm, serene side.

In San Franciso just as in Los Angeles and New York City, there are many different services to choose from when looking into psychics. Choose the one which adequately suits your needs, this way you are most likely to see the signs that you are healing.

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