Best Psychics in Oakland, CA

Ah, psychics. When we think of these mysterious figures, we may be tempted to think of exotically-dressed women offering readings. However, psychics are far more common, modern, and effective than people think.

Are you based in Oakland, CA – and think you could benefit from the methods of a psychic?

Not sure where to look?

Well, don’t worry one bit! We’ve compiled a handy list of information to help you find the best psychics in Oakland.

Whether you require tarot readings from your psychics, or you’re in the market for a more in-depth consultation, we’ll have something for you. From letting go of the past to consulting a loved one, there is a range of personal problems that psychics can assist with – by performing a simple reading!

Why Psychics?

You may have heard that more and more people are turning to less traditional forms of healing and while in the past visiting a Psychic may have seemed like something only done by eccentrics in busy cities like New York City and Los Angeles – or even San Francisco!

However, individuals are slowly realizing the healing and enlightening power that Psychics and their readings can have.

So, how can we find the best psychics for you?

Finding the Best Psychic in Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA, is a pretty big city and so we know it can be hard to know where to look when you are in search of a specific service.

So, we’ve arranged this handy guide to help you source readings from reputable psychics near you!

Why visit a Psychic in Oakland, CA?

Getting into contact with a Psychic is a great way of letting go of whatever baggage has been holding you down and moving onwards and upwards with your life. A Psychic Medium is very much like a life coach in that they can help you work through personal issues that are preventing you from being the best version of yourself.

Visiting a Psychic in Oakland, CA, can be a brilliant way of working through major life decisions as this can be done by seeking out personalized tarot card readings, having a chakra balancing session or visiting a clairvoyant.

The business that psychics offer can provide something that traditional life coaches and experts cannot offer. Therefore, they’re well suited to individuals who feel as though they need to try something new!

Can I visit a Psychic in Oakland, CA, with friends?

Visiting psychics in Oakland, CA, is not something you have to do alone either!

With many psychics offering event services that are perfect for couples, and even larger groups, it’s never been easier to visit psychics near you. It’s about finding a solution that is perfect for you – and that’s something some individuals forget.

Visting in groups is also very cost-efficient with it typically costing less money per group member as opposed to an individual session.

Therefore, you are also able to share the healing benefits with loved ones. Many Psychics also offer a money-back guarantee should you feel unsatisfied and so there is no reason not to give it a go.

Psychics offer a range of solutions tailored to the individual and can be as basic as a one on one psychic reading for beginners and these are a great way of testing out what works for you before you move onto something more complex.

What do Psychics actually do?

Life Advice

A Psychic is not an advisor and their advice and help should not be treated as something rigid – but more as something that can be changed with altered behavior and modifications to your outlook on life.

You are not a book with a start and endpoint; but a real person with the ability to find your own way – whether that be in Oakland, CA, or wherever else life takes you!


Psychic Mediums can also offer services akin to a Fortune Teller and so they can provide predictions based on your lived experiences and the energy that radiates from you.

These are of course more accurate after multiple sessions but are a great way of getting the help and healing you may require to move forward in life with direction and purpose.

This can be done using your palm or by sharing information about your personality and experience.

How can I consult a Psychic?

It can be hard knowing where to find Psychics, especially in a bustling city like Oakland, CA!

With Yelp and Craigslist being commonly used methods, you’d think it’d be easy to find psychics with readings and services to suit you. However, with the sheer volume of listings, it can be difficult to find psychics that truly care about you.

That’s why we recommend you take certain steps to find a psychic that works for you – on your terms.


Your first step to ensuring that your psychics are good is checking out some reviews!

From tarot card readings to clairvoyant predictions, psychics can offer a variety of services. But how do you know those services are worthwhile?

Make sure you do a detailed crawl before you even think about going to see psychics in Oakland – as reviews can be very telling…

…You don’t need a crystal ball to know if someone has fewer years in business, and therefore seems inexperienced.

Social Media

Another way to check out whether a medium is worth their salt is to check out their social media. Often, if you do a quick Instagram stalk, you’ll see the types of readings and services on offer.

This is because any business, whether psychics or nail technicians, will use their social media as advertisement space.

You’ll more than likely be able to see them conducting readings on clients in real-time – whether this is via Instagram stories or general posts.

Therefore, social media presents a brilliant body of information to gauge whether your medium will give you the answers you’re looking for, and it can truly help you sound out your thoughts on the reader.

Check Them Out In Person

This is often the most efficient way to have a gander; try before you buy and look before you book!

If you want to be assured that your medium provides value for money, and offers you all the sorts of love, relationships, and life advice you could require – with one turn of a tarot card -, then you should practice your observation skills and get those reviews first-hand.

What other services do Psychics offer?

Whether it’s a palm reading, meditation session, or you want somebody who can give you an insight into what kind of energy you radiate, There is a variety of medium-related professionals in the Oakland, CA, area who can ensure that you get the help in the world.

Visual Aids

In addition to speaking with Psychics, can also bring visual aids such as photos and videos to support your journey. These items can be particularly helpful if you are looking to communicate with spirits as they create a stronger bond between the Medium and those you are looking to communicate with.

You don’t have to spend all day trying to search for something when you can use our brilliant services and find vendors that are perfect for people just like you by just entering a few details about what you are looking for.

Whatever your goal, we are sure that we can find you an expert who can address your needs!

What are the benefits of a consultation?

This is the first step in your journey to finding the inner peace and the confidence you require to approach whatever is holding you back.

For some, this is the help they need to find love and for others, it is to improve their self-confidence!

A lot of Psychics will often require initial consultations to get to know you and pinpoint why exactly you have sought them out in the first place.

This is done to determine what course of action is best suited to your troubles – so that you can receive the best possible care.

Can Psychics help with different kinds of problems?

There are times when people will seek out a Psychic without knowing what the specific issue is, that’s fine as well.

The details of your life are not set in stone and it can take you anywhere under the stars, whether that be to somewhere around the Oakland, CA, area or to places like Houston or Chicago, or even somewhere further afield.

Our top psychics are available to chat with you now!

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