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UFO & related

Paul Kimball's Blog

RedStarFilms / The Other Side of Truth

Brother Blue

(Spot the rabid borrowing from back issues of the Excluded Middle)
Saucer Smear
What? You haven't seen this? Moseley RULES, dude.
The Devil's Advocate

What we'd be doing if we had started on the web.


Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
The science of the 21st century - get in on the ground floor
Cognitive Science Laboratory
Where the Remote Viewing program continues
Joe McMoneagle
Army remote viewer #001 --interviewed in our upcoming issue.

"Conspiracy" Sites

Conspiracies to count on!
Largest/ best repository for covert/ parapolitical info.
Just what it says.
The cool domain of master Richard Metzger
Connects it all up pretty damn thoroughly
Hackers Anonymous
By Acharya S.
Resistance is FUTILE!

Other stuff

Kooks Museum

Donna Kossy is the first and the best (and the only?)


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