Issue #2



With the funny cover (also featured in the book "Revelation X--The 'Bob' Apocryphon") from the Church of the SubGenius gang.

The very thin line between occult practice/theory and UFO close encounters was elucidated by an englishman by the name of Ian Blake in Aliester Crowley And The LAM Statement.

Two points of view on the trial of Clay Shaw based on a reporter's contemporary account contrasted with Jim Garrison's book On The Trail Of The Assassins. Were these people at the same event?

After his "fall" from the UFO community, Bill Moore consented to this interview. Whatever you think of Moore, there are lessons here for the researcher who wishes to tussle with the "shadow" US government. Very good lessons, BTW.

Also included was an FOIA request form, a nasty review of the "abduction" movie Fire In The Sky, and Jimmy Carter's UFO report to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP).